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Advanced Lipid Technologies™

ALT™ is a collection of unique lipophilic delivery systems capable of by-passing the food effect seen in most lipophilic drug products.

ALT™ has been proven to allow lower dosing levels to achieve efficacy.

ALT™ allows drug and nutrient absorption in the absence of healthy intestines, bile or normal gastric enzymes.

ALT™ is a drug delivery platform that uses proprietary formulation and manufacturing techniques to create products that permit better absorption.

Research News

Sancilio & Company submitted an application to the Federal Drug Administration requesting orphan drug designation for SC411 for the treatment of Sickle Cell Disease. The designation was granted in April 2015. This designation may provide seven years of market exclusivity in the United States, subject to certain limited exceptions. However, the orphan drug designation does not convey any advantage in, or shorten the duration of, the regulatory review or approval process.


We license the use of our Advanced Lipid Technology™ to other pharmaceutical companies enabling them to develop products with minimal food effect and increased bioavailability.

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