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A Life Time of Ocean Blue Products

When a couple decides to grow their family, the soon-to-be Mom is encouraged to begin taking prenatal vitamins and increase her consumption of docosahexaenoic acid or DHA. Sancilio & Company, Inc. (SCI) provides the perfect combination of laboratory tested vitamins containing just the right amount of folic acid, iron and DHA to prepare her body for the baby.


After conceiving her child, pregnant women are strongly encouraged to continue taking prenatal vitamins with both folic acid and iron as well as a daily dose of DHA. The folic acid helps avoid spina bifida, a serious deformation of the spine, iron helps avoid anemia during pregnancy and DHA helps the development of the baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system.


When the baby is born, mom will likely breast feed her child. Mother’s milk is extremely nourishing for the new born, however, lactating moms are drained of essential nutrients in the process, especially DHA. So, most doctors will recommend continued use of prenatal vitamins and DHA during the period of time when she is breast feeding her baby.


So, from the moment a women decides to have a baby and until she finishes breast feeding, doctors recommend prenatal vitamins and DHA for healthy nutrition of both the mom and child. SCI’s PNV with DHA meets the needs of women before, during and after pregnancy.


Proper nutrition of a young child is critical to their healthy development. At SCI, we make special vitamins in a great tasting liquid formulation designed to be given to young children. These vitamin mixtures are specially designed to be given orally with a dropper so they provide an exact amount of nutrition and minerals to help the baby develop. Especially in situations when fluorinated water is not available to young children, SCI has developed a vitamin and mineral supplement, given only under the supervision of a doctor that may help with the development of healthy teeth and various vitamin deficiencies. Many doctors also recommend these same multivitamin and mineral supplements for older children who can take a good tasting chewable multivitamin with fluoride to further encourage healthy teeth and nutrition. Both of SCI’s MVC Brand products, our oral liquid and chewable tablets are supplements available only when prescribed by doctor’s, covered by most insurance plans and available in pharmacies throughout the country. We avoid sugar or dyes in all of our MVC products.


As children grow and their brain, eyes and nervous system develops, large amounts of DHA are needed to help maintain proper formation of each of these. Ocean Blue’s DHA MiniCaps are especially designed for children during developing years. These very small, good tasting soft gel capsules can be easily swallowed by young children and provide over 300 milligrams of very pure and natural DHA.


In young adults, eating behavior results in several vitamin deficiencies as well as very low Omega-3 intake. Most processed and fast foods contain virtually no omega-3 and huge amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6s are considered “bad fats” and contribute to most inflammatory diseases like arthritis, irritable bowel, and in some cardiovascular diseases. Omega-3s are considered “good fats” and have been clinically shown to impact inflammation in multiple diseases. Hence, omega-3s should be part of a healthy life-style and Ocean Blue Omega-3 2100 with our highly pure Olcenic formulation containing more than 1,000 mg of very pure EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA in a single capsule is an ideal way of insuring an appropriate amount is being taken each day. Just one capsule contains more than 3 times the amount of EPA and DHA than the leading brand of fish oil. It also contains more than 10 times the amount of EPA and DHA found in the leading brand of krill oil. Omega-3 in adults has been clinically shown to impact cardiovascular issues in several large trials and continue to be investigated at several major medical institutions like Harvard, Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic. In fact, Ocean Blue 2100 with Olcenic was shown to reduce triglyceride levels in several clinical trials. High triglycerides may be associated with poor health and especially poor heart health.


Many people avoid sunlight or are careful to use sunscreens to avoid the damaging effects of the sun on the skin. However, sunlight is also essential for the body to produce its own vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone health, calcium absorption and cardiovascular health. A growing number of people are Vitamin D deficient, and doctors will recommend supplementation with vitamin D to avoid an unhealthy situation. Ocean Blue 2100 with Vitamin D has been developed especially for those adults who are deficient in Vitamin D and wish to maintain a healthy level of EPA and DHA. Together in one good tasting soft gel capsule, over 1000 milligrams of Olcenic (specially formulated EPA and DHA) as well as 1000 International Units (IU) of pure vitamin D, are combined to provide both convenience and proper nutrition.


Many children and especially young women cannot take large pills. To provide Ocean Blue Omega-3 Olcenic to this populations of women and children, we provide our MiniCap products. Ocean Blue MiniCaps with Olcenic are specially formulated to provide a highly concentrated amount of EPA and DHA. Our Ocean Blue Minicaps are also available with 1000 IU of vitamin D! So, we have a formula for adults, women and children wanting to increase the amount of omega-3 each day and if needed, increase the amount of vitamin D to compensate for dietary deficiencies or the use of sunscreen.


Finally, as women grow older, osteoporosis may begin to play a role in their lives. Most women begin to lose bone mass as they age. In part due to normal aging, bone density subsides. When coupled with limited calcium in the food eaten and limited amounts of vitamin D, women may lose a significant amount of bone. Fractures become common as women age. To avoid this, doctors recommend taking calcium and vitamin D supplements. However, calcium isn’t an easy mineral for the body to absorb. The major brands of calcium supplements use a salt called calcium carbonate that is the same calcium as found in sea shells. They don’t absorb well at all. Other salts of calcium absorb better such as calcium citrate and calcium lactate, but require large doses as well. All calcium salts require the presence of Vitamin D for absorption onto bone. Additionally, in recent clinical studies the presence of both Vitamin D and DHA increase the absorption of calcium significantly. Ocean blue has developed a unique and patented formulation called Mylk3 containing all three forms of calcium (carbonate, citrate and lactate), 1000 IU of Vitamin D and DHA into one small soft gelatin capsule. Mylk3 has been clinically proven to maintain healthy levels of calcium. In fact, Mylk3, in a clinical trial was shown to provide as much calcium as the leading brand with a 33% lower dose! Mylk3 provides a daily dose of all three nutrients; Calcium X 3, Vitamin D3 and DHA (Omega-3) in a single serving of this unique supplement.


As you can see, Ocean Blue and SCI provide a life-time of scientifically formulated products allowing the opportunity to maintain health of yourself and your children for your entire life.

Dr. Frederick D. Sancilio, M.S., Ph.D.


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