Saving a Million (1,000,000) Lives

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As Sancilio Pharmaceuticals (SCI) grew, it became obvious that we weren’t just another pharmaceutical company. We were and remain unique. We were founded by people with decades of experience developing medicine for the global healthcare industry. Our company is different. We are focused on doing something for humanity that has relevance: saving lives!


SCI isn’t a non-profit organization, but there is nothing in the rule book that says a company can’t have a moral obligation along with a financial goal. Our team truly wants to change the level of pain felt by millions of parents and children who have been condemned to a life of hardship and suffering.


The question is how. We think that we can leverage our 1,000+ years of cumulative experience in making medicine into drugs that simply save lives, and that is what we will do.


We’ve built a company that uses its internally generated money, along with some investor capital to solve medical problems that cause incredible pain to millions. For example, we have targeted Sickle Cell Disease, a genetic disorder. We’ve set out to re-learn how it works and what can be done to eliminate it. To do this, we searched the world for dedicated doctors who have treated thousands of patents and understand how the disease really begins and progresses. After years of learning, we are tackling the problem using a totally new approach and technology born at SCI. We are now in clinical trials at several major medical research institutions in the United States. We learn more every day, and look forward to finding a way to help the millions of people throughout the world with this horrible disease.


If we solve this problem and results seen in early clinical trials continue to be confirmed, we will save hundreds of thousands of lives and perhaps millions over a few short years. But not only will we impact lives, we impact federal and state budgets for healthcare. Few realize that the US government spends over five billion dollars ($5,000,000,000.00) a year to treat Sickle Cell Disease. The department of defense spends more than five hundred million dollars ($500,000,000.00) to treat soldiers and their families. On a global basis, Sickle Cell Disease may easily top ten billion dollars of health care costs, an incredible drain on our fellow people. We may also curtail the use of opioids too. Opioids are given to nearly every child or adult with the disease.

Sickle Cell Disease is but one of several drugs under development at SCI. If we succeed in just one or two of them over the next years, our goal of saving a million lives will be an easy one to achieve, and we’ll rethink the number of lives a small American company can save throughout the world!



Dr. Fred D. Sancilio, M.S., Ph.D. Founder, CEO and Chairman Sancilio Pharmaceuticals Company.


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