Severe Hypertriglyceridemia – SC401

Very high circulating triglyceride levels have been linked to pancreatitis. Levels above 500 mg/dl have also been linked to cardiovascular disease and liver disorders. Levels between 300 – 500 mg/dl are currently being studied in cardiovascular focused trials.

There are over 500,000 Americans suffering from hypertriglyceridemia. The current US market for Lovaza®, Vescepa® and generic versions exceeds $500,000,000.

Treatment options include fibrates, statins and several Omega-3 fatty acid products. In all cases, mild to severe side effect profiles and/or extremely large doses create compliance issues. The current dose of fatty acids used to treat this disease is 4,000 mg/day. The existence of a major food effect and poor bioavailability have contributed to the poor compliance and variable efficacy.

Problem: Approved treatments require mega-dose levels of essential fatty acids and have broad side effect profiles.

Current Treatment: There are three approved Omega-3 therapies available, all requiring 4,000 mg/day dosing. Fibrates and Statins are also used to treat this disease but with significant side effects.

ALT® Solution: An ALT® super bioavailable formulation has been shown to reduce triglycerides by over 40% with a lower dose within 14 days. The formulation can be taken with or without food.

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